Joining Texas Construction Network

Want To Join Texas Construction Network?

It is $999 a year to join.  We guarantee that you will make at least $999 by the leads we give you or your money back.  What is there to lose? Give us a call today and let us get you set up.  If you don’t want to spend $999, you can donate business to Texas Construction Network instead and we will wave the fee. This is one of the reasons that we can provide you with quality leads because everyone is sharing.

Why Join Texas Construction Network?

We get your company more business and most importantly more money. Got a job that is too big or you need more funds to do? Texas Construction Network can help. We know that sometimes you just don’t have the cash flow to get it done. We want you to still get the job. Texas Construction Network will help fund the job and ask for a percentage of the profits in return. As we grow, you grow. It is a win-win.

Join Today

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